Also known under the name(s):

Okamoto Shouko



Under the name Okamoto Shouko:
High-Ranking LadyBerserk (1997/10/07-1998/03/31 TV)
Soldier BB'T X NEO (OVA)
Gregory MamaGREGORY HORROR SHOW (1999-2001 TV)
On TV Fish - Beloved WifeGREGORY HORROR SHOW (1999-2001 TV)
VillagerLEGEND OF BASARA (1998/04/03-1998/06/26 TV)
Theatrical-Troupe MemberLEGEND OF BASARA (1998/04/03-1998/06/26 TV)
ChildLEGEND OF BASARA (1998/04/03-1998/06/26 TV)
KotohimeNARUTO (2002/10/03-2007/02/08 TV)
Mogura's MotherShima Shima Tora no Shimajirou (1993/12/13-2008/03/31 TV)


Under the name Okamoto Shouko:
cqAitakute... ~your smiles in my heart~ (2000/03/16 PSX)

Total number of anime records: 9
Total number of game records: 1
Total number of records: 10