Ikezaki Ryou



FeruAgarest Senki - Record of Agarest War (2007/09/27 PS3)
FeruAgarest Senki Reappearance - Record of Agarest War Reappearance (2008/11/27 XBOX 360)
Suruku ("CHAOS WARS" Original Character) [Idea Factory]CHAOS WARS (2006/09/21 PS2)
Tonati (From "Spectral Force" Series) [Idea Factory]CHAOS WARS (2006/09/21 PS2)
Torisuten AajuMist of Chaos (2007/03/22 PS3)
Herugaia (Boy)Spectral Force 3 Innocent Rage (2006/06/29 XBOX 360)
TooruSPECTRAL GENE (2007/12/13 PS2)

Total number of anime records: 0
Total number of game records: 7
Total number of records: 7