Which seiyuu would voice you if you were in an anime?

Choose one answer that suits you best out of the available answers for each question. ^^

Would you prefer to be voiced by a man or a woman?

How would you rate your appearance?

What is your hair like?

A little girl selling matches asks you if you want to buy a some?

You've just woken up and you're late for school. What do you do?

There is a fight between two of your best friends. What do you do?

You have been caught up in a long war involving Super Robots. You are...

For some reason, you've ended up in a love-comedy. You've just been *accidentally touched* somewhere people tend to be shy about by someone you are interested in. What do you do?

There is some "big problem" occurring that needs explaining. You are most likely...

You've been given a role in an RPG/fantasy story. Out of these, you are likely to be...

Finally, what is your name/alias (does not affect the result)?