Shibata Souichirou


StudentComic Party (2001 TV)
YoukaiGensoumaden Saiyuuki RELOAD (2003/10/02-2004/03/25 TV)
Security GuardGilgamesh (2003/10-2004/03 TV)
Man A (ep.7)Mahou Senshi Riui [LOUIE the RUNE SOLDIER] (2001/04/03-2001/09/18 TV)
KimuraOFFSIDE (2001/05/10-2002/01/31 TV)
On-Site StaffR.O.D. -The TV- (2003/10-2004/03 TV)


OperatorGALAXY ANGEL - Moonlit Lovers (2nd Game) (PS2)
Arena CasterTHE LAST STORY (2011/01/27 Wii)

Total number of anime records: 6
Total number of game records: 2
Total number of records: 8