Gotou Junichi


Police Officer BLupin III Sei - Seven Days Rhapsody (2006/09/08 TV Special)
First-Year University Student BMoyashimon (2007 TV)
Hebi Gaeru [Snake Frog]Toriko [Jump Super Anime Tour 2009] (2009 OVA)
Numa Hebi [Swamp Snake]Toriko [Jump Super Anime Tour 2009] (2009 OVA)


<UNNAMED ROLE(S)>CATHERINE (2011/02/17 PS3, 2011/02/17 XBOX 360)
<UNNAMED ROLE(S)>Tears to Tiara Gaiden -Avalon no Nazo- (2009/09/17 PS3)

Total number of anime records: 4
Total number of game records: 2
Total number of records: 6