Azusa Kinpei

Also known under the name(s):

Azusa Kinzou

(ӑ , ԑ , ӎO)


Under the name Azusa Kinpei:
MuuriDragonball Z (TV)
cmj (ep.15)Meitantei Conan DETECTIVE CONAN (1996/01/08 TV)
֖lPro Golfer Saru (1985/04/02-1988/03/28 TV)
Under the name Azusa Kinzou:
Georugu (ep.31)Lupin III Sei [2nd TV Series] (1977/10/03-1980/10/06 TV)
King Wuerttemberg (ep.81)Lupin III Sei [2nd TV Series] (1977/10/03-1980/10/06 TV)
ArchbishopLupin III Sei - Cagliostro no Shiro (1979/12/15 Movie)


Total number of anime records: 6
Total number of game records: 0
Total number of records: 6